Friday, August 14, 2009

My heart is yours

I have two arms to give to you.

To hold you and caress to do my

best to bring you a bit of happyness.

I have two lips I speak soft words

meaningful and tru. To tell you

what it means to me, to share my

life with you. I only have one heart to give.

But its your my drear.

For you make life a paradise,

whenever you are near.

Since I met you

I have been so happy

except that i find myself worrying all the time

worrying that I might dissapoint you

worrying that our relationship might end

worrying that you might not be happy

worrying something might hapen to you

I have fallen in Love with you

and I guess i worry so much because

I care about you so much.


Although were apart

I'm never apart from you

Eventhough a great

distance separates us

Everyday I sense that

we are together

I feel your arms holding

me with so much love

in daylight dreams

For a love like ours can

never truley be separated

Forgetting you is something

I cannot do for you are

a party of me.


I look into your eyes and quickly turn way.

I try to talk to you but i don't know what to say.

I laugh at the jokes and I'm concerned when there's hurt.

I always look out for you.

I am alert

I'm afraid to show my feelings

afraid you don't feel them too.

But sometimes i want to pull you aside

and tell you i care for you.

Maybe one day I'll tell you

how much i care but right now

I'm embarrassed to shy to tell you

how I feel.

The Dream

You have a dream one night and for the rest of the day you cant forget the way his lips felt against yours. The way he smiles at you, and the way he surrounds your heart and soul with his warmth. The dream is so real that you loose touch with reality to real to be true. He makes you happy never sad and as he kisses you for the first time. You awake and want to cry cause you never got to say good-bye. You can't explain the pain and loss. If you could have him back you'd pay the world for him.

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder how wonderful

it would be if we were together.

sometimes I wonder if you even

think about me the way that I do.

sometimes I wonder if my

dreams will ever come true.

its just hard to love someone

that don't love you.

I'm just tired of giving love

to someone who don't love you,

the way you love them.

so don't tell him you

love him until he tells you first.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Over the yearswe’ve grown strong

you’ve helped me understandthat life goes on

you gave me your hand so help me through

you’ve always cared when I was blue

you helped me copethrough all the tears

you gave me hopethrough all the years

your always here for meyour always a friendthat will never end.................

Please be Gentle

Please be gentle

Please be gentle with my feelings

It will take time because I been hurt

Please be gentle with your words

It will take times because I have seen many difficult looks

Please be gentle with your body

It will take time because I have felt too many cold bodies

Please be gentle with your love

There is a beauty in being gentle that only real love can understand.............